Mid Back Pain

Pain in the upper back between the shoulder blades and ribs is one of the most common conditions we see…and have great success in treating.

What Causes Mid and Upper Back Pain?

Poor work and study postures such as a head forward posture or inward rotated shoulders can weaken these muscles and contribute to chronic pain and increased chance of injury.  Often mid back pain can be a referred pain from a problem in the lower neck or shoulder.  Pain may be accompanied by burning or tingling pain in this area as the result of prolonged inflammation and stiffness.

How Does Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic adjustments will restore proper alignment of  all segments of the spine, which will help release spasms, pinched nerves, and increase proper motion through the mid back and ribs.  Other therapies such as the roller bed, electric stimulation, or even spinal decompression have been proven effective in combination with chiropractic manipulations. Finally Dr. Hall will show you exercises and stretches that are essential in strengthening those muscles and improving posture so to help you achieve long term relief, and injury prevention.


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