Laser Therapy

Laser How does the Apollo Laser work?

This is an FDA approved Level IV laser that offers an affordable, non-surgical solution to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and speed healing.  Laser therapy uses photobiomodulation to penetrate into the cells of the tissue and increase or speed the uptake of ATP and oxygen.  This increases circulation, reduces inflammation, which in turn reduces pain and promotes healing.

What can I expect?

The treatment is comfortable and painless.  Each laser session last about 7-10 minutes and it is best done in a series of 3-6 sessions close together followed by a re-evaluation. Patients cannot schedule for laser treatment without first receiving an exam and diagnosis from Dr. Hall to substantiate the need for laser treatment. Laser treatment can be done as an exclusive treatment, or combined with chiropractic adjustments, massage, or decompression for certain conditions.
This is a non-insurance covered procedure.  

Laser therapy has been proven effective for:

  • Plantar Faciitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendinopathies (tennis elbow, tendinitis)
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Ligament and Muscle Sprains or Strains
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post Surgical recovery
  • Scar tissue healing
  • Joint pain



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